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Improve your credit score for as little as $4 per month.

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Sleek Basic


> Monthly Payment
> 24 Months
> Get Back $816
> APR 10%
> Free Cancellation

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> Monthly Payment
> Duration - 12 Months
> Get Back $864
> APR 10%
> Free Cancellation

Sleek Deluxe


> Monthly Payment
> Duration - 12 Months
> Get Back $1296
> APR 10%
> Free Cancellation

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Why Us

Find out why Sleekscore is the best option for you.

Affordable plans

We know how valuable your money is, which is why we've created three affordable options for you to choose from.

Easy approval

There is no need to pay a security deposit up in advance. There is no need for a credit score nor hard credit inquiry.

Secure payments

We value your money and trust above anything else. We safeguard the money you entrust to us with our partner bank.

No hidden costs

No additional fees or penalties for cancelling your plan before the end of the term. Our fees are limited to the agreed-upon annual percentage rate.

TransUnion score

TransUnion CreditView® Score on your dashboard allows you to keep track on your progress. It's used by most of the major lenders in their decision-making process.

Credit counseling

Speak with one of our financial advisors about your credit status, get free credit counseling and then choose the most appropriate plan for you.

Sleekscore app launching soon!

You can currently manage your account through our dynamic web application.


Frequently Asked Questions

Sleekscore - What is it?

Sleekscore is a financial technology company that seeks to assist those who are either unfamiliar with credit or inadequately served by traditional financial products. Individuals build a positive payment history while saving money for the future via our Credit Builder Program.

How does it work?

•Apply for a credit-builder account- There is no hard inquiry on your credit.
•Make your monthly payment in a selected number of months- You select a plan that suits your budget
•We report your monthly payment to major credit bureaus
•Each monthly payment adds up to your savings-your money is safe with our partner bank.
•At the end of the agreed period, you get your savings back net of interest.

Is this a typical unsecured personal loan?

No. It is a credit builder loan, specifically to build your credit score and history. Money is not available to you until the completion of the program or termination of your contract.

Is it possible for me to use the money immediately?

No cash is provided upfront. The money in your credit builder account is only available to you at the term-end or closure of your chosen plan.

Will a Credit Builder Account increase my credit score?

Because everyone's credit record and financial history are different, we can't estimate how much your credit score will improve. Please be aware that, even if you're making on-time payments to your credit-builder account, any negative activity from other accounts, such as late payments, delinquencies, bankruptcies, or public records, might influence your results.

How do I cancel my Sleekscore Account?

You can cancel your contract when you log into your online account, by phone or at our office location.

Is it possible to terminate my account early?

Yes, if you are satisfied with the improvement in your credit score, you may cancel your account at any time. However, we suggest that you complete your plan's term as this will help you establish a credit history, improve your credit score, inculcate the habit of making on-time payments, and increase your cash savings.

Is it possible for two persons to co-own or co-sign on a Sleekscore account?

No, your Sleekscore account is personal and cannot  have a co-signer or co-owner. Furthermore, while your Sleekscore account is active, you may not transfer ownership of either account.

What happens to my credit score if I close my account?

We will report your total outstanding loan amount to credit bureaus as fully repaid. The effect on the score varies on an individual's credit situation. We advise clients to commit to the tenure of their plan. Time is an essential factor while building your credit score.

How long does it take for my credit builder loan to appear in my credit report?

It may take up to 90 days after signing up for your credit builder loan to reflect in your credit report.

What happens if I miss my scheduled payment?

We do not recommend missing your scheduled payment, if you have difficulty making your next payment, kindly reach out to us at least 3 business days before the scheduled payment date.